We Asked, and God Provided

“I thank the Almighty God for the opportunity He has given me to serve with Zozu project.” – Richard

The best minds in Western education know that for school to change lives, it has incorporate more than just the classroom. For education to have an impact in challenging environments like Arua, Uganda it needs to be wholistic. The challenges are great. When you have kids who come to class with malaria and can’t pay attention, how do you find out why that’s happening? When you want to know if they have light to do homework by after the sun goes down, how do you check? When you want to ask mom or dad how their child likes school, how do you find the time if you have to walk a few miles to visit their house? For the last four years, these responsibilities have been shared by Pastor JP and the principal and teachers at Solid Rock. They have been putting in countless volunteer hours on the weekends, weeknights, and even week mornings to give necessary attention to each of the students. Staying on top of so many tasks for 270 students in addition to official responsibilities as a pastor or principal can feel like herding ducks- focus on one task, and ten get away from you.

It was too much. So we prayed. And then God sent Richard.

Richard is our new hand on deck, the liaison between the school and the families it serves. He speaks both local tribal languages. He has a degree in Social Work and Social Administration and a Diploma in Child Development. Most of all, Richard is a passionate follower of Christ. Here’s Richard’s story in his own words:

“I am the last born out of 4 children. My beloved brother Angelo and sisters, Jesca and Philsta and all of them are married. My mother is Domitilah and father Severino married for 54 years and both living.

I am 27 years old and hoping to marry in 2018 a lady called Doreen.  She is a Christian and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is passionate to serve with children since she was trained in child development and holds a bachelor degree. I am a Christian and passionate to serve humanity because it’s my profession.  I hold a bachelor’s degree of Social Works and Social Administration, Diploma in Child Development and short courses in disability and special education, computer basics, and leadership training of John Maxwell. 

… My parents paid my school fees from grade one up to senior six and they were unable to pay for the University because they didn’t have money for it. I prayed to God to give me any kind of a job to do so long as I can get money to educate myself in the University. I thank God who connected me with pastor Jeff Artherstone the former Vice Chancellor of Africa Renewal University who a gave me an opportunity to work in the University farm and I was paid monthly salary and then decided to enroll for a course in the University … During my internships, I worked with Africa Renewal Ministries particularly child development project and with Uganda Police Force particularly with the Department of Child and Family protection unit as a counselor.

I thank the Almighty God for the opportunity He has given me to serve with Zozu project.

Because of your support, Richard has this job and this opportunity. Because of your support, we can give individual attention to the home life of each of our students through him. Because of your support, together we are working to see Arua thrive! Thank you so much for supporting us at Zozu, Solid Rock School, and the community of Arua. May God’s children thrive there!