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We thank you for you interest in partnering with us!  Zozu Project is a certified 501(c)3, so your gift is competely tax deductible.  In addition, 100% of your donation will go directly to the projects we support.

Give where needed most 

Preschool for Solid Rock Christian School - Supplies and Support

We are so excited to announce that we are moving forward with constructng the preschool adjacent to the Primary school! But any preschool needs more than just walls. For example, a chair and desk for three students is $72, and to outfit an entire student with supplies, uniform, etc. is $110. 

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"Foster Sponsorship"

We're always in the process of raising up new sponsors for new students, but in the meantime they need to go to school! If the full committment of sponsorship is potentially overwhelming, "Foster Sponsorship" is the best way to go. These one-time funds contribute to a full semester (what they call term) of education for a new student, and provide peace of mind for their families struggling to make ends meet. 

I want to Foster Sponsor 

Thanks to your support, our funded projects include:

Preschool Construction - $40,000

780 mosquito nets - $5,460

School expansion - $35,000 

Water and sanitation system - $8,500, thanks to Mission International!

Adjacent land purchase for preschool- $16,700