What We Do

Sponsor a Child Today 



Through our child sponsorship program, we support over 250 of the poorest children in the community to attend Solid Rock Christian School in Arua, Uganda. Education, espeically an education in English, opens doors for these children to build their own careers through determination and hard work. It truly is a hand up, not a hand out. 



Family Support

When children attend Solid Rock Christian School, they are receiving more than an education.They become part of a community of teachers, staff, church members, and countless volunteers who are passionate about transforming children's lives and their community for generations to come. Zozu Staff visit the homes of the children to make sure that they have access to clean water, bed nets to protect from mosquitos and malaria, and a safe way to get to school every day. They regularly check in with whoever the student's caretakers are to make sure they have the resources they need to support their student in their education.



Leadership Training

While education is important, we don't want to stop there. These children have the power to become the voice of change in their community.They have the ability to go and serve with what they have received. For every student to know that they are blessed to be a blessing, Solid Rock provides leadership training opportunities like head-boy and head-girl offices, debate classes, and after school sports to develop community focus and others-centered compassion.



Community development

Solid Rock Christian School was founded in connection with the local ministry of Arua Community Church, which serves as a hub for spiritual and community development. The church maintains a bore-hole well that provides safe water for the school and the surrounding village.  The church also hosts an ongoing part-time medical clinic on the same property supported by His Healing Hands. 


Looking to the Future 

The school, teachers, and church are constantly working to expand their impact.  We will continue to support them in their heroic efforts.  Although much has been done, there is still so much unmet potential.   Construction of a preschool expansion is currently underway which will provide office space, and the capacity to reach children at the beginning of their educational journey.   We have secured land for expanding sports facilities, providing housing for the teachers, and constructing a bigger church building. If you want to partner with us to make these dreams a reality, please get in touch!