The Joy Comes in the Morning…

How do I begin to describe our recent trip to Arua, Uganda?  On all accounts we had a “successful” trip. We had lists of goals and questions.  We returned with questions answered, assessments of impact and accountability that exceeded our expectations, and relationship strengthened.  Those details are important, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

But none of those things begin to adequately describe our time in Arua.

Why do we keep thinking about when we will return?  Why do I still feel like I may cry (and often do) every time I think about the children of Arua?  Why do our hearts feel so tethered to Arua?  It’s because of the JOY that enveloped us during our time there, a joy magnified because it stands in stark contrast to the desperation we felt during our first trip in 2013.

There is a new dawn in this remote village in Arua, Uganda.

Just a short time ago there were hungry children.  Now there are children like Angel with full tummies, without worry when the next meal will come.


Just a short time there were children without access to a quality education, or any education.  Now brand new classrooms are overflowing with children enthusiastic to learn, children like Emma who has watched his mother struggle to provide for him.  He is determined to give his BEST in school so that one day he can provide for her.


Just a short time ago there were children without hope. Now there are children with dreams for their future, children like Adam who dreams of serving his community by becoming a doctor.


We rejoiced with this community being transformed.

We delivered letters and gifts to children from their sponsors.  We shared photos and stories about their sponsors, letting them know that their sponsor picked THEM to love and support.


We experienced the exuberance of the students, excitedly running to greet us, chanting, “Welcome, welcome, welcome….”


I could go on and on….

There is joy in the giving and even greater joy in seeing our friends in Uganda multiply the gifts.  There is joy in seeing impact and potential beyond our expectations.  There is joy in the blessings given back so abundantly.

We hope some of you will have the opportunity to travel to Arua with us.  In the meantime, we will do our best to provide a glimpse of the joy your support is giving.