Uganda: Sponsoring Hope

Zozu Project has good friends who recently returned from an experience most of us could only dream about.  Christy and Barry Tonge took time away from their jobs, took their children out of school, and headed off for a half year world service venture through Central America, Asia and Africa.  One of their stops?  A Youth Camp in Uganda.  Christy experienced the power of sponsorship first hand through working with the most incredible group of young Ugandan men and women at their Youth Camp.

In her blog, Christy writes, “I never knew until now how MUCH being a Sponsor mattered….How much it matters because it can change the future of a child’s life, entirely….and how much it matters to the child or young person, on so many levels–physically and spiritually, and now I see the impact personally and emotionally.”

To learn more about the impact of sponsorship, the Tonge Service Adventure, and how Christy became a huge advocate for sponsorship, visit Christy’s blog at