Meet Passie Kwagala, Principal of Solid Rock Christian School, Arua, Uganda

When I first met Passie, I was immediately touched by her passion and dedication to the Solid Rock Christian School students.  Passie has inspired me, and I wish all of you could know this extraordinary woman and her generous heart!

Passie has always had a passion for education.  When applying to the university she was asked to list four areas of interest.  Passie listed education for all four choices.  She went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Kyambogo University, regarded as the most prestigious university in teacher training in Uganda.  That is impressive in itself, but what impressed me most about Passie was her heart for the Lord, which then pour out in love and service to others.

Passie has an undeniable passion for using the opportunities she has been given in service in others, embodying characteristics being developed in the Solid Rock students.  This is no coincidence, as Passie was given the unique opportunity to attend Maranatha High School, a pioneer school established by the founder and director of Solid Rock Christian School, Pastor John Paul Sewava.  When Pastor John Paul, the man she calls her “spiritual father,” asked her to become principal of Solid Rock Christian School, Passie’s initial reaction was that Arua was WAY to far from her home and family.

Why did Passie eventually decide to move to Arua when there were so many available jobs close to her home?  This is the question I asked Passie when I was in Uganda in March with my family.  She allowed me to record her response, which was given without hesitation or rehearsal.  I hope the video below will give you a glimpse into Passie’s passion for education, her servant’s heart, and her love for the students of Solid Rock Christian School.