Sometimes joy is as simple as a sweater on a cold morning

Although Arua, Uganda is almost on the equator, the 4,000 foot elevation can make for chilly mornings. We were saddened that many Solid Rock students couldn’t afford sweaters, and would arrive at school shivering.

Due to the generous support of our donors, Zozu Project was able to provide new sweaters to all 200 students at Solid Rock Christian School. Principal Passie Kwagala reported,

“You would be overwhelmed with joy if you were at Solid Rock this morning.

The day began so chilly cold. It was so perfect for the event! As the students arrived at 7 am, they didn’t expect the day to cheer up as it was the beginning of mid term exams. What good could that bring combined with the cold?”

“I knew the sweaters would be there Monday but I did not tell them. What I did not know was the way the weather turned out so cold and perfect. As I read their names one by one to receive their sweaters, I enjoyed their overjoyed and amazed expressions. (The cold) made us all the more thankful for these sweaters more than we ever imagined!


We bless our God for all of you who work tirelessly and wholeheartedly for Solid Rock Christian School kids. The transformation is unbelievable. It’s so miraculous to come from lacking something like food and then waking up having more than everything! Its hard to trace the kids I first met and registered in September with the ones I have now in Solid Rock Christian School, yet they’re the ones.”


We are grateful for your generosity, which allows us to continue to give joy to the Solid Rock students.  Thank you!