Term 2 update

As Summer 2015 winds down, I have been reflecting on all that has been happening at Solid Rock Christian School and the Zozu Project in Arua, Uganda. Though the new milestones and success stories are too nuerous to detail, here are a few of the highlights and photos from term 2 to help you get a hands-on sense of all that has been happening at Solid Rock Christian School.


Zozu kids are Achieving Academically! IMG_2162
Principal, Passie Kwagala, has reported very encouraging academic achievement during the first two school terms. Considering the children learned to read and write English for the first time when Solid Rock Christian School opened in February, their achievement on the national exams at the end of term 2 is astounding! Here is Passie’s report:

“We have seen such tremendous progress academically that we raised our standards higher, from 75 marks (standard on the national exams), to 85 marks. Most students have improved in their reading which is the cause for the better results in exams this term. 78% are passing and the ones who are slower come in for remedial study to catch up. We have also discussed student progress with parents to determine whether the challenges in the slower students is a result of their home environment, and if there are ways their parents can help with their progress.


A Team from Mission International in Scotland Serves at Solid Rock!

IMG_1947A team of 4 teachers and 10 high school students came to serve at Solid Rock School during the
month of July. They brought with them games, physical education supplies, and 10 tower computers with monitors! That’s right – Solid Rock now has computers!!! Many of these kids have never seen a computer, and now they have the opportunity to learn basic computer skills. In addition to delivering this vital hardware, the team funded a project to bring clean water from the well to the kitchen and toilettes. They spent several days struggling to dig the trenches until a call for help was made. The next morning more than 100 Solid Rock parents arrived to lend a hand, and the trenches were finished 5 hours later. The kids are now able to wash their hands after visiting the toilet and before eating. Another first at Zozu!


Short Term Mission Team from Portland, Oregon

In mid-July a team of 13 volunteers from The Jesus Church in Portland, Oregon visited Solid Rock School to provide teacher training, to play with the kids and help with homework, deliver medical and school supplies, and paint the entire new 10-stall bathroom facility, inside and out!

Solid Rock Students are Featured on a Local Radio Show
After meeting several Solid Rock children, the director of a local radio show was so impressed that he visited Solid Rock School to seek out and invite the kids to be guests on one of their weekly radio shows! They have been subsequently invited back, with listeners asking to hear from more Solid Rock students!


His Healing Hands Medical Mission Team Visits Solid RockIMG_9305
In mid-August, an 8 person medical team from His Healing¬†Hands in Paso Robles, California visited Solid Rock School and ran a 2 day medical clinic for Zozu kids and adults in the surrounding villages. Hundreds of people were served and the Solid Rock classrooms were used as makeshift medical treatment rooms. This team also delivered letters from all Zozu sponsors to their children. Principal Passie Kwagala reported, “We were so much blessed passing on the blessings from the sponsors. I could sense a true connection with these people (our sponsors) whom we’ve never

Solid Rock Students Learned to Sing in Polish

A Polish family visiting local missionaries in Arua spent the day with the Zozu children singing songs, playing with the kids, and leading group activities. It’s amazing to think that volunteers and leaders from all across the globe, most of whom we have never met, are now involved in this life-changing endeavor Zozu!