Solid Rock Christian School is Expanding!

We could not be more excited! Zozu recently broke ground on an expansion of Solid Rock Christian School, which willdouble the size of the current building. The expansion has already had a positive impact on the surrounding community as local laborers and suppliers are being paid fair wages for their work. Soon, the new rooms will be used to further empower the current Zozu students so that they may thrive and reach their full potential. The expansion will provide room for a sick bay, library, computer lab, offices and more. In addition, the new rooms will also provide space for future Zozu students!

IMG_1616It is hard to believe that just two short years ago the current sight of Solid Rock Christian School was just a plot of undeveloped land in rural northern Uganda. Today on that same plot of land rests a brand new two thousand square foot permanent school building, a brand new ten-stall permanent bathroom facility, and a kitchen which feeds over two hundred students a day.  But even more important than all these new physical structures at the Zozu Project are the hundreds of thriving KIDS! Kids that are clothed, fed, and attending school 8 hours a day!IMG_1614

This once barren plot of land now hosts hundreds of children receiving a formal education, food, community, protection, and consistency, allowing them to grow and thrive!  Zozu also supports a staff of seven full time educators, two cooks, and a full time nurse practitioner to serve the needs of each and every child at the school. Zozu has made such an impact, that the school is now attracted teams of volunteers from all around the globe who are wanting to partner with Zozu through short term mission trips to teach, encourage, serve, and help facilitate additional building projects at the site.

New construction is now under way on this sacred ground, bringing even more potential growth and hope to this community. The personal and material growth of Zozu over the past year has been nothing short of a miracle. We cannot express how deeply grateful we are to you, our donors and sponsors, who have made this all possible. We look forward to sharing  with you how God will use the new Solid Rock School expansion to continue to transform the lives of the children of Arua, Uganda.