A new school year brings hope

A new school year is in full swing at Solid Rock Christian School!

The first of three terms began just a few weeks ago, and there are many changes this year including new teachers, improved nutrition, and new resources for the students. Most exciting for the students? After working so hard last year, it was a dream come true to be registered into their new grades! As Principal Passie Kwagala reported, “another grade meant getting further away from their helpless situation. We thank you so much for making this happen. The community is back to dreaming and hoping that the future will be better.”

Solid Rock Christian School also welcomed 50 new first graders! This would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors and donors. We hope you enjoy the enthusiastic faces of these children, who had just received their new uniforms and now have the opportunity to thrive! Gratitude and blessings from Arua!