Building a Preschool

Hi all,

As you may know, we’re currently focused on building a preschool at Solid Rock. We’ve identified, and are now prioritizing, a preschool due to multiple reasons surrounding early childhood education, nutrition, and medical care. Currently, Solid Rock teachers, especially those instructing first grade, have noticed that students are struggling with speaking and understanding rudimentary English — an inability that makes communicating with students very difficult. As you may know, English is the official language of Uganda and is crucial to success in school and in their careers. Most children in Arua have only been acquainted with local language and therefore they’re at a fundamental disadvantage when (and if) they enter grade school. Preschool will assist children with English so they can enter grade school with a proficient understanding of the national language.

Solid Rock Preschool will also supply young children with access to food and medical care. In a region plagued with malaria, HIV, typhoid fever, bilharzia, and insanitary drinking water, student health and well-being is a top priority. In fact, Solid Rock’s current medical facility will offer full medical care to all preschool attendees. And since nutrition is absolutely essential to achieving physical, visual and cognitive, and organ system development, Solid Rock Preschool is devoted to feeding students with scientifically proven meals that satisfy nutrient benchmarks and allow for wholesome growth.

Building Solid Rock Preschool and filling it with caretakers and teachers will also give to the surrounding economy and help to develop the community. Our tentative plan is to hire qualified, caring locals to look after the preschoolers, which in effect will give a wage that’ll help to ascend severe poverty.

Our dream is big but attainable. The total building costs of Solid Rock Preschool is $40,000 and we need your help to make this dream come true. Building a preschool is needed most and we’re passionate to fill that void. Help end malnutrition, illiteracy, an absence of healthcare, and poverty in a tangible way; help champion Solid Rock Preschool and provide opportunity and hope.

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