Term 3 Update from Solid Rock

Written by Richard Aguta, social worker at Solid Rock Christian Academy

“Classes just commenced two weeks ago and teachers are now teaching the children; imparting knowledge and good behaviors to them as said “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” So, Solid Rock Christian School embraces Christian morals and disperses them into the lives of our kids via counseling, teaching the Word of God and societal morals, hence the children’s lives are enriched. Our children have been in their school vacation and many of them have been helping their families with domestic work, since in African culture children are encouraged to be involved in domestic work.

Students back in their classroom after the break.

However, Grade five and six students also attended a school vacation program. The school vacation program was organized for the upper class students to do correction for precious exams, so that in the beginning of third term new topics are taught to them.

During the school vacation, Zozu project staff visited some homes of the sponsored children, and their family members were happy for the sponsorship from the United States, especially those who received family gifts last month. Parents and Guardians heartfully appreciate the service offered by Sponsors and Zozu Project to their children. Your support has restored hope to the hopeless families that were un able to support their children with education, for education is the key to success. 

Thanks to all our sponsors for educating a child in Uganda, Africa. God bless you.”