Preschool Developments (with Commentary)

The land for the Solid Rock Preschool is being leveled and the foundation is being laid!

Much as the preschool itself is preparation for further education, the plot of earth just adjacent to the current school is now in preparation for a building. Here are the latest photos, (along with my tour-guide commentary)


“And here to your left, we have a lovely patch of level dirt. Take note that this is not the natural habitat for level dirt. This is typically the territory where the uneven dirt resides.”




“To your right, we have another patch of level dirt. Note the bricks in the corner, indicating that building is soon to come. Also note the tracks on the earth. Some wild tractor must have been tamed for the creation of this patch.”





“Ah, there it is! It seems a local tractor has been tamed for use in leveling this field. It’s species is uncertain, but it seems to be on the older side judging by the dirt-colored markings on its tires and shovel.”





“And here we have some strapping young men hard at work digging trenches. Not being a contractor, I cannot provide more context for the trenches.”




“In the distance, notice the current buildings of Solid Rock Christian Academy to the right, and the tarp under which the church gathers on the left.”



“It should be noted that the construction upon this field is commencing quite rapidly due to the hard work and efficiency of these workers. They are local men, experts in their craft, and certainly hard workers.”

Ok, that’s all I have for tour commentary, and we’re all out of pictures! If you have read this far, you can check out our catalogue of items to fill the preschool with hereĀ 

Thank you to those who have already decided to outfit our teachers and classrooms!