Mock exam results are in– with good tidings!

This is a big year for Solid Rock Christian School. 2018 will mark the first year that the school will graduate a class! Last month, the P7s (7th graders, also known as the “candidate class”) sat for mock exams at a neighboring government school. This was very important since it was the first chance they had to take the full final exam in an exam-like setting. In Uganda, the federal government runs the education system pretty tightly. Each level of schooling ends with a federally-administered exam that has a significant impact on the student’s future options.

This current class is a special class in many ways. They’re the guinea pigs. Solid Rock has dedicated teachers, but these students only started their education here in 4th grade. In many ways, their foundation was the biggest challenge of all, through no fault of their own. Growing up in poverty is rough no matter how hard you try. When you have homework to do, but unless you go fetch the water a mile away your family doesn’t eat, well, it’s not a hard decision. So the teachers and administration said many prayers over this class of 33 when they sent them off to take the mock exams.

This month, results came back, and the Solid Rock Christian School students actually out-performed the school where they sat!* If you have been a part of the prayer team that has been praying for them, THANK YOU. Principal David sends his thanks to you as well. If you would like to be a part of the official prayer team for Zozu Project, email Elsie at Hope is high for the final exam in November. Though the big picture is positive, there are still a few low-scoring students that the teachers are more than determined than ever to help. Keep them in your prayers! There’s no mountain God cannot move to accomplish His good purposes for these students.

The Candidate Class- pictured here in February at the start of the school year.

*If you’re curious, the Ugandan grading system is divided into 5 “buckets,” simply put. The best you can do is a “1st grade,” which means you got 100% of your examination correct, or close to it. It’s equivalent to an A for us. Then you have a “2nd grade,” like a B, a “3rd grade,” like a C, or a “4th grade,” like a D. Anything below that is a fail, or for them a “not pass.” The majority of most local school’s students get 3rd grades. But the majority of Solid Rock students got a 2nd. And we even had a few 1sts!