The hardest decision that Benson’s mother ever made was to keep him. She could have had an abortion. Everyone expected her to. But she wouldn’t do it.

Benson Obeta’s mother is a victim of rape. His very name, “Obeta,” means “temptation” in the tribal language of his mother’s clan. His father is a rich man, a businessman as his mother says, but he and Benson, now 7, have never met.

The decision to keep Benson changed his mother’s life. She now has a mouth to feed and a child to raise. She is working harder as a market vendor, selling spare crops. But from the first day of his life, Benson and his mother have suffered a lot. They sleep on the floor, with no mattress or bed to call their own. She is hopeless for her son as she struggles to feed him, let alone provide for his schooling. Daily she wonders, “what was his future to be?”

Benson doesn’t deserve to grow up in poverty, no matter where he came from. He doesn’t need to be shunned, exiled, or denied education because of his family situation. He needs a real family of teachers and fellow students that will love him. You can welcome him into that family today by sponsoring Benson. Thirty-five dollars a month for you, a lifetime for him. You help give Benson the family he needs today.

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