Change lives for children in need

For classroom construction, parent education, sustainable agriculture, and more, your gift will be put towards programs that empower and equip the local children and their families. We prioritize local Ugandan involvement and leadership. It takes long-term commitment to see sustainable change, so we will always prioritize hiring and employing people in-country. When it comes to their culture and their community, they are the experts!

Current Project Fund 


happy child in a classroom


Thanks to your support, our funded projects include:


Playground for Preschoolers - $6,300


Industrial Kitchen - $20,380








Solar Power Installation- $6,500

(In construction as of June 2020, pictures forthcoming)


Phase 2 of Teacher Housing Complex- $64,000

(In construction as of June 2020, pictures forthcoming)


Phase 1 of Teacher Housing Complex - $68,000








Preschool Construction - $40,000











Distribution of 780 mosquito nets - $5,460











4 Classroom School expansion - $35,000










Water and sanitation system - $8,500, thanks to Mission International!