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Sponsor a Child


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D.O.B. 11/14/2019

Enock lives with his mother in a household of eight.  His father passed away shortly after Enock was born. Enock’s mother Philisiter works as a market vendor to support her family.  This is very hard work, and the pay is less than $2 a day.  She desires for her son to attend school, and is grateful to be chosen for the sponsorship program at Solid Rock School. The family lives in a mud hut home with thatched roofing with no running water or electricity.  Enock helps his mom by fetching water from the local water source. He is very humble and enjoys building children’s houses with the wood he finds near his home.

For $35 a month, you can help a child thrive. For more information, please read our sponsorship FAQ's.

If you want to make an even bigger impact for these kids, we're currently looking for voluteers who want to run a sponsorship drive in their community! Take a bigger step, join the team, and change lives with us. Email for more details. 

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