Your Small Group Can Make A Difference Together


• Host a Fundraiser.
• Sponsor a child or family together.
• Fight poverty through education together.



“The way that Zozu Project works showed me that a nonprofit can have a real impact when it brings people from around the world closer together.” - Laura, Zozu intern
Templeton Pres

Pam led a group of people who sew together every month, and they decided to take action. Together, they sponsor a child by collecting donations at their meeting, but they also use their skill of sewing. They have sewn over 100 dresses for the girls at Solid Rock Christian School together!

A group of students in Leadership class at a Central Coast high school in California ran a campaign at their school collecting change. They sat at booths at the entrance, persuaded their principal to let them speak at school meetings, and made t-shirts and flyers to get the word out. Together they raised over $2,000 to build the library at Solid Rock Christian School!

How can your small group impact the world today?