Sponsorship FAQs

Our commitment with sponsorship:


How much does sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship costs $35 a month, or $420 a year.

How is sponsorship money used?

When you sponsor a child through the Zozu Project, some of your sponsorship funds will go directly to your child to pay for school fees at Solid Rock School, school supplies, food, and medical care.  However, we believe a child does not thrive in isolation.  They only thrive when their family, school, and community are also thriving.  So, in addition to supporting your individual child, part of your sponsorship fees will be combined with other sponsors’ money to support developmental projects within their community.  This may include school expansion or building new schools, ensuring clean water and sanitation, providing funds for sustainable businesses, or to provide economic opportunities for members of the community among others.  Our goal is to not only care for the needs of a child living in extreme poverty, but to raise the entire village out of poverty.  We are committed as an organization to communicate exactly how your sponsorship dollars are used at the end of every year.  

How can so little money go so far?

The Zozu Project has only one paid employee, and a passionate group of volunteers. We have sponsors who pay our small overhead, so 100% of your donation goes directly to Uganda.  Because the programs are managed by local Ugandans who understand the culture, language and customs and who already have a network of volunteers and strong community support, they are executed very efficiently.  In addition, our American dollars go so far in rural Uganda, so the impact is huge.  We follow up with our partners in Uganda to ensure that funds are used as intended.  

How long will sponsorship last?

Your sponsorship will last until your child becomes an adult and finishes primary school and high school, usually shortly after they turn 18. There are, however, many circumstances that could result in sponsorship ending earlier. If this happens, we will contact you promptly about transferring your sponsorship to another child.

The Zozu Project has committed to educate the current 270 students through at least grade 7 at Solid Rock Christian School without transferring schools. High school in Uganda starts at 8th grade. There are public high schools in the area if the need arises to transfer students in the future, but our long term vision includes expanding Solid Rock Christian School to accomodate children all the way through high school.  

What will I receive as a child sponsor?

Because we want our donors to see the huge impact their generosity has as a child sponsor, you will receive:

Can I write my sponsored child?

Yes, there will be opportunities to send and receive letters with your sponsored child.  Children LOVE receiving letters from their sponsors!  We encourage our sponsors to write regularily, as letters are a powerful expression of the relationship and a message of hope. The Zozu children are growing up in extreme poverty, often causing them to feel unimportant and hopeless. Sponsorship goes beyond providing financially. It allows a child to know that someone loves and believes in THEM. The children also love receiving photos, especially of their sponsors. Letters and photos can be either be emailed to info@zozuproject.org or sent via regular mail to:  Zozu Project, P.O. Box 1635, Templeton, CA 93465

What should I write about?

When writing your child encourage them and let them know how important he or she is to you.  Children love to know details about their sponsors' family and life.  You can share facts about your life such as family, work, and interests, as well photos of your family or your favorite Bible verse.  They also love to hear stories about the children in your life.  Feel free to ask questions of your child.  Please leave out references or photos of your house, car, or other items that would highlight the vast economic gap.  In addition, please don't include your contact information.

How do I send my letter?

Include your child's name and number on the letter.  The most efficient way to send a letter is to email it to us at info@zozuproject.org.  Alternatively, you can mail your letter to Zozu Project, P.O. Box 1635, Templeton, CA 93465

When will my sponsored child receive my letter?

Please be aware there can be long delays in delivering and receiving letters. Some children will be able to write back on their own, while others will need assistance.

Can I send a gift to my sponsored child or child’s family?

Yes, you can send an extra monetary gift above the monthly sponsorship at any time, 100% of which will go directly to the child or family. Your monetary gift will go so far in helping your child’s family meet basic needs in their lives! A Zozu team member in Uganda will meet with the child and guardian to decide upon the best use of your gift and to assist with the purchase. The recommended gift is between $20 and $100 and will likely be used to purchase food, clothing and other necessities. 

Challenges with mail delivery and customs prohibit us from mailing packages. Periodically, we have mission teams travel to Uganda who can hand deliver letters and small items. In that case, we will notify you in advance. 

To give a monetary gift, you may click "DONATE" to give online and specify your donation as a child or family gift from the drop down menu. You may also send a check. Please make it out to Zozu Project along with a note specifying it as a child or family gift, and mail to:

Zozu Project
PO Box 1635
Templeton, CA 93465

How do I sponsor a child?

You may either click “SPONSOR”  to sponsor online or contact us by calling (805) 400-3251 and we will assist you.  

You may also mail a check of $420 for the year to:

Zozu Project
P.O. Box 1635
Templeton, CA 93465