Give your Skills or Time

If you're interested in contributing to your skills and time to the fight against poverty with us, check out some ideas below and contact us at 

Get your Friends Involved

Do you want to do more than just sponsor a child? Do you like the idea of sponsoring but not have the means? Some of our kids are sponsored by groups of people, like a youth group or a Bible study, or just a group of friends. You can be the one to organize your community around the cause of ending poverty and serving the least of these! 

Invite Us!

Are you in charge of a group already, like a youth group or club? We would love to come and share the Zozu story at events or gatherings. Talking about God's powerful heart for the poor, and his call to serve the left behind is so important to us. Hearing from one of our founders is a great way to inspire your community around giving.



Give your skill

We are looking to expand our team.  Are you interested in serving on our board of directors or committee?  We are specifically looking for those with video skills, interest in social media, and 501(c)3 accounting experience. Volunteering your time and expertise helps Zozu Project grow and keeps overhead low, so every dollar donated continues to go to Uganda. Contact us at


Become a Jewelry Vendor

Once a week, women whose kids attend Solid Rock get together to make beautiful necklaces and bracelets. When you either purchase beads directly, or a large quantity for resale, all proceeds go right back to the school. If you have a small shop, jewelry business, or any other outlet and want to carry Zozu Women's Beads, get in touch! 



Organize a fundraiser

You can raise critical dollars for the children of Uganda by organizing your own special event or fundraiser. Hold a yard sale or a bake sale! Do you sell goods in your home like essential oils, clothing, or jewelry? Have a special sale and donate the commission. 

Our children are our future, so get them involved.  Given that even small amounts of American dollars can go so far to create a tangible impact in rural Uganda, Zozu Project provides unique opportunities for our children to make a difference in the world.  Past initiatives our supporters have done include:

• Dress Down Day at a private school

• Donate Commission Day with Co-workers

• Change Collect for a Month at Workplace or School

• Host a Flea Market or Multi-Family Garage Sale and Donate Proceeds