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Dear YOFAFO Sponsors,

We want to extend to each of you a heartfelt welcome during this time of transition.   The care and compassion that you've given to your sponsored student over the days and months, maybe years, made a significant difference in each of their lives.  

Zozu Project and YOFAFO have similar stories as they were both founded here on the Central Coast.  In 2013, Drs Mick and Elaine Lebens felt called to go on a short-term medical mission trip. Like many of you, they were deeply affected by the beautiful children they met who were in such desperate need.  While there, they met John Paul, who had a church in the village and a dream for a school where children could be fed, loved, and taught.  Together with Mick and Elaine, they began to put together a plan for the school, and soon construction workers broke the ground on the first school building.

Since then, several other school buildings, a preschool, clean water wells and a medical clinic were added.  Now fast forward eight years, and there are over 500 children ages 4 to 16 going to school, supported by Zozu Project. The children receive two meals a day along with medical care support. The main driver of this growth is from monthly donations through sponsorship of individual students. People from all over the Central Coast and all over the country have sponsored children, held fundraisers, visited Uganda, and generously made this school a tangible reality. 

In this time of transition, we invite you to continue with sponsorship by choosing a Zozu child in need.  On our website, we currently have 45 unsponsored students with an additional 50 new preschool students, also in lack of sponsorship, soon to be added. Choosing a child can be overwhelming when you see all their adorable faces and we are here to help you with that.  You can contact Katy Griffin at katy@zozuproject.org and she can help choose the best fit for your sponsorship journey. Here is the link to explore the many different children that are awaiting sponsorship www.zozuproject.org/sponsorship.

Our mission is to break the cycle of extreme poverty by partnering with local African leaders to provide hope, education, and economic opportunity and help Africa's children thrive.

During this time, if you have any questions or would like to meet with our Executive Director Katy Griffin to discuss Zozu Project and this transition, you can reach her at (805) 610-3589.

Humbly yours,

The Zozu Project US Team

Mick, Elaine, and Katy