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For classroom construction, parent education, sustainable agriculture, and more, your gift will be put towards programs that empower and equip the local children and their families. We prioritize local Ugandan involvement and leadership. It takes long-term commitment to see sustainable change, so we will always prioritize hiring and employing people in-country. When it comes to their culture and their community, they are the experts!

2021 Giving Catalog

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Thank you for your desire to give more children a promising future with education, clean water, and healthcare.

There are significant advantages in donating appreciated securities instead of a cash gift.  When you donate appreciated security, you will not pay capital gains tax on the gain. Generally, you receive a tax deduction for the total value of the security on the day it is donated.  Giving appreciated securities can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars versus a cash gift – allowing you to maximize your contributions to Zozu Project.

Any decision you make regarding the tax implications of your investments and donations should be made with your tax advisor.

To obtain more information, contact Katy Griffin at or call (805) 610-3589

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Thanks to your support, our funded projects include: