When visiting restrictions were lifted, Solid Rock Christian School Principal David Ssemuvubi and a translator went from home to home, encouraging the children and praying for them. 

If you watch one video here, let this be it. 

Learn more about the Lebens family, founders of Zozu Project, and their heart for the work they do. This video produced in partnership with Highlands Church, one of our partner churches.  

Brandon, a seventh grader, has run one of our favorite fundraisers ever. This video produced in partnership with Highlands Church, one of our partner churches. 

Five years in, the Lebens reflect on the miracle that is Zozu Project. And answer some of the most frequently asked questions.  

Janet grew up in a community where girls were not educated. Now she's a teacher. Here's her story.  

Special shout-out to Solar Light for Africa for installing sustainable solar power in the teacher's housing! Check out their website to see the many projects that they have completed over the years. 


In 2019, construction on the first Teacher's Housing block was completed. Teacher David gave a moving speech when he received his house. Fortunately, it was captured on video! . 

Sara Messer, director of Taproot Charities, made this beautiful video for us in 2015. Far from being archived, we still believe it tells our story. Thank you for watching and sharing. 


Video Letters from Students to Their Sponsors

There's more where these came from, but these are some of the best videos we have from the kids as they dictate letters of thanks to their sponsors



Adam to his Sponsor



Reliance Aboth to her Sponsors





Denis and Herbert to their Sponsors