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These are the people, groups, and organizations to whom we owe the utmost thanks. As we have grown over the years to serve more families in more ways, we often encounter tasks beyond our abilities. Yet God has provided time and again through these people here. Thank you.

Peninsula Bible Church 
Palo Alto

penisula bible.png

Creston Community Church

New Life
Pismo Beach

Maverick Church
Paso Robles


Plymouth Congregational Church
Paso Robles

Caliber Accounting Group

We trust our partners at Caliber Accounting Group deeply. Every year, they provide professional, experienced aid in filing 501c(3) taxes. Many thanks to them for saving us headaches and confusion, and for making sure that we are always accountable. 

partner caliber.png

Church Partners

It would be impossible (or certainly too long) to fully list every person from these communities that has supported and blessed the children of Uganda through their support of us. They have followed the work of the Lord, modeled faithfulness to us, and enabled us to do what we do. We are thankful to each and every one of them.

Templeton Presbyterian Church

templeton pres.png

Highlands Church

Paso Robles


St. John's Lutheran Church

Arroyo Grande

saint johns.png

Cambria Community Presbyterian Church

cambria pres.png
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