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Before and After - Solid Rock Christian Preschool is Open!

Updated: May 21, 2021

When you decide to get your hands messy serving the poor it’s just that– messy! You get in to address one need (in Zozu’s case the need for elementary education) and before you know it you discover so many pitfalls and holes around you that you realize your one shovel just isn’t enough. That was the case two years ago at Solid Rock. The 1st graders at Solid Rock were coming into class with a severly under-prepared, and the teachers were working overtime. While nothing was really going wrong, the impending risk of burn out was real.

So do you throw in the towel and only take the 1st graders who have already been to school?

No. You pray hard, and set to work building a preschool.

It’s with great joy that, three years after the opening of Solid Rock Christian School, Solid Rock Christian Preschool is officially open!

For some students, this is the first time someone has read to them from a storybook

Isn’t it amazing that where there used to be nothing but dirt, there are now teachers teaching and students learning in a four-classroom building? The desks are still being built and the bookshelves have yet to be filled, but thanks to your generosity, that’s all happening as you read this. Well, actually people in Uganda are probably asleep while you read this, but you get my point.

On behalf of them, thank you.

Want to spread the love? Share this post with your friends! I mean, maybe I’m biased, but I think this is pretty cool.

Want to spread even more love? Giving to the “Where needed most” fund helps cover the school fees for these little ones until they have permanent sponsors.

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