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Evening of Dreams

We are still in awe. We were excited when approached by a private donor who wanted to host a gathering to benefit Zozu Project. Simultaneously, we had been hearing from our Ugandan staff how crucial it was to complete the housing for our teachers, who often live away from their families and live in scattered, substandard housing in order to teach at Solid Rock Christian School. And hence, the Evening of Dreams was born- an event to raise awareness about Zozu Project and raise funds to build the remaining teacher homes. The next thing we the knew people from all over our Central Coast community once again rallied to help. Eric and Lisa Jensen, owners of Booker Winery, graciously donated the venue and the date was set for September 11, 2021. So many people then stepped up to help by volunteering their time, services and expertise.

As the evening approached, we received a note of encouragement from the teachers at Solid Rock Christian School how they had been praying every day for us and the upcoming event. The prolonged school shut downs in Uganda during Covid had resulted in long, brutal work days and extended time away from their families as they delivered packets of schoolwork to the children in their homes. They felt so encouraged and hopeful that during this challenging time people here in the states were thinking of them and wanted to support them by providing housing!

The evening of dreams was a beautiful Paso Robles evening at a spectacular venue with delicious wine and food. We heard from Zozu Founders Dr’s Mick and Elaine Lebens and Ugandan Executive Director JP sent a video from Arua and shared why teachers housing is crucial to retain quality teachers and provide excellent education to our students. Most importantly, we were blessed by the hearts and generosity of those who attended. Out of the desire of one donor to support Zozu, our teacher housing will soon be complete as 13 teacher’s homes were fully funded in one night! And 23 children now have sponsors too!

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