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Happy International Women's Day

On this International Women’s Day we are thinking of each of the girls of Zozu Project.

A cycle of early marriage is broken when the girls get chosen to attend Solid Rock Christian School. The story of the girls in Arua who are breaking the cycle of early marriage is both inspiring and heartbreaking. For many families in this region, surviving on less than $2 a day, the choice to sell their daughters into marriage at the age of 11 is seen as a necessary means of survival. The cultural norms and extreme poverty that face many families in Arua make it difficult for them to see a different way forward.

But with the help of Zozu Project and its amazing sponsors and donors like YOU. Each of the girls in our program will have access to education, which will lead to graduation and a choice for each girl to make in the future on her own to marry and start a family.

Child marriage remains among the greatest threats to girls' education and empowerment worldwide. Each year, an estimated 12 million girls around the world are married under the age of 12. As early child brides, the girls do not have the opportunity to get an education and face struggles like early pregnancy, violence, and lack of income.

That is why we remain committed to these girls and many more who will join Solid Rock Christian School each year. Together, we can work towards a future where every girl has the chance to pursue her dreams and reach her full potential, free from the constraints of poverty, discrimination and gender inequality.

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