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KFC in Uganda, and other memories

Updated: May 21, 2021

Our return trip to Arua and Solid Rock Christian School brought us one unexpected joy after another. These photos capture some of these highlights of the precious time that we spent with our special brothers and sisters in Christ from Arua:

On the first portion of the trip, we had the pleasur of taking a KFC lunch to the secondary school students. Yes, they do have KFC in Uganda.

The students at Maranatha Secondary School receiving their lunch. It was a treat.

Once in Arua, the days were varied and full. We interacted with the families through home visits, spent time in the classroom witnessing the great teaching, saw progress in the facilities (new kitchen and faculty housing), and reestablished relationships with the terrific staff.

Visiting the family of Emmanuel, one of our sponsored students, for the second time.

It is most evident that the sponsorships and other donations through the Zozu Project are so gratefully received by these wonderful people.

As part of the seventeen member team, we were privileged to represent Saint John’s Lutheran Church in Arroyo Grande along with our retired pastor Randy Ouimette and his wife Patty.

We made a special attempt to connect with all the students sponsored by members and committees affiliated with Saint John’s and our other dear friends and relatives.

The church had sponsored a book drive and thanks to the brawn of the seven teens on our team we were able to deliver over 250 new and donated books for the library that we had toted from home.

The teaching staff was most appreciative of the in service training offered by Sandy and Patty.

We gave a lot, but that wasn’t what it felt like most of the time. Above all we received the gift of love and joy that came from the students in response to our being there. It was a fulfilling and most blessed visit.

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