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New Computers and New Learning

This month we welcomed a crucial addition to Solid Rock School that will prepare students for the modern world: computers. Thanks to students from Templeton, the We Create Change campaign, and Scottish mission team from last summer, most Solid Rock pupils are using computers for the first time!

Students are learning to type, communicate on a digital medium, study, and understand the functions of a device that’s imperative to upward mobility and general development in the 21st century. Furthermore, teachers can use computers to type tests, teach lessons, and remove the amount of paper required in administrative management (such as storing student reports and records). As noticeable in the accompanying pictures, the children are very enthusiastic about the new technology!

Powered by solar panels, these desktop computers and laptops have been placed in The Soaring Eagle Library. Given that these computers were paid for in part by Templeton students, the location of these computers could not be any more appropriate. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!

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