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Off to the Big City!

Updated: May 21, 2021

The complete National Exam scores are out, and we are SO thrilled to announce that ALL of the students at Solid Rock have passed!

Perhaps from where we sit in America, the weight of this doesn’t hit us as it should.

This is a region where, according to the most recent census data,

  • 89% of the adult population has never finished high school

  • 90% of the population is dependant on subsistence farming.

  • 25% of girls 18 or younger have had at least one child.

  • 17% of school-age children are not attending school.

  • 10% of those who manage to take the national exams don’t pass at all.

But for the children of Zozu Project, 100% are in school, 100% have passed, and they are 100% loved and valued for who they are.

Just last week, the 32 students loaded up on a bus for Kampala. For many of them, this will be their first time there. For many of them, they are the first in their family to even go to secondary school. It’s hard to overstate the excitement. After preparing for years, they now have the chance to take a bigger step than they ever have before.

THANK YOU for fighting this uphill battle alongside these children! We can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for them.

2 years ago, the beginning of 6th grade. Just starting to prepare for exams!

And now getting ready to go. Mom is so proud!

Backpacks that were a gift from many friends in the US.

Packing the trunk for the first semester. This is the first time that these students have ever packed to move, and almost everything they’re taking had to be purchased new. Thanks to their proud parents, friends, and donors, every trunk was filled.

Loading the bus!

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