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Relief Food is on its Way

With great anticipation, the delivery of Covid-19 relief food has begun to arrive at each of the Solid Rock Christian School student's homes. Pastor JP received permission from the local government to begin the distribution, and without hesitation, he and the staff loaded the vehicle with bags of cornflour, beans, and cooking oil.

"As we began to give out food today, it was such a joy that these children received food this morning, and I am sharing with you photos so that you can see the joy!" says Pastor JP

Continue to pray for the staff and families of the community we serve in Arua, along with the entire Country of Uganda. The spread of this new variant is on the rise, the lack of access to the vaccine causes much concern. Uganda is just a third of the way through a six-week national shutdown in which only essential workers are allowed to leave home. The biggest issue was and is food. As Pastor JP explained, "it is difficult for our people to get food, since, for many Ugandans, the system of food is food to mouth daily. We have to look for food every day, even walking many miles to get it."

Thank you for being such an integral part of our Zozu Project family. Together with your faithful donations and quick action on the staff, food is now being delivered, and the result is joy!

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