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Robinah's Story

Founders Mick and Elaine Lebens with Robinah

In life, I believe Jesus will put remarkable people in your path. On a recent visit to Solid Rock Christian School, I enjoyed sitting down under a large tree with a wonderful lady named, Robinah.

She was gracious to share her story with me. During the moments we talked, I found myself in awe of her bravery and courage.

It was a typical evening for Robinah and her family in South Sudan as they worked around their home; however, things quickly turned. The rebel groups had made their way to their town. Fearing for their lives, her family fled into the bush into the night, taking her children, nieces, and nephews. Robinah said, “Whenever I start to fear, I claim who I am in Christ,” and she began to pray. She and the children made their way to Arua, Uganda. The rebel group captured her husband; hearing that he was a Pastor, they freed him eventually. He made his way to a refugee camp called “Rhino Camp,” where he is currently called to Pastor the over 100,000 refugees, mostly South Sudanese women and children.

As she tells the story, you can see in her eyes the enormous amount of courage this brave woman has and her faith that knows no bounds. She speaks of God as a best friend who traveled right alongside her as she and the children were running. She said to me, “God told me amid challenges you need to seek Jesus.” Robinah and the children landed in Arua, and as she states, ” God has been healing me, taking care of me, redeeming me.” Robinah found Solid Rock Community Church, which is located on the Zozu Project Campus. She began getting involved with the church, then having her three children become students at Solid Rock Christian Academy. Today as a single mom, she is an active participant, prayer intercessor, and board member. Recently, the Zozu board in the US voted to fund her monthly rent, which is an answer to Robinah and her family’s prayer.

I’ll end with her prayer request that beautiful day under the large tree, “to receive more grace of God, for God to give me strength to draw near to Him. God to open more doors, He has the key and is my provider.”

Dr. Elaine Remy-Lebens and Robinah

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