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Secondary School Underway

Two new wells are dug!

Secondary School (High School) Campus Update

The first phase of the campus construction is to drill for water. Over the weekend, the local borehole contractor was able to successfully drill two wells to provide clean water for the students, staff, and the community.

Solid Rock Primary School Update

Principal David Ssemuvubi

The major activity going on at school is the preparation of the P7 (grade 7) candidates for the final examinations. The teaching staff dedicated this week for prayers and fasting for the candidates. This Friday we shall have overnight prayers for the staff dedicating the candidates. On Sunday, the parents for the candidates will join us in the main church service.

Sunday evening we shall have lunch together with the candidates to encourage them. On Monday, November 7th it will be the general briefing of all candidates in the country. It's done at every school where candidates are going to sit from. The examinations will be done on Tuesday, November 8th and Wednesday, November 9th.

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