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Invest in Teacher Housing for a brighter future

Help us reach our goal to build 25 Teacher Housing Units

Why Give?


In the heart of our community lies a dream that's about to become a reality with your help - 25 brand-new Teacher Housing Units. Imagine a place where our dedicated educators who work tirelessly to shape young minds find a safe, and supportive home just steps away from the classroom.Where they can bring their family and have a place to call home. 

Our students are entering their high school years, a critical phase in their educational journey, and we believe they deserve nothing but the best. To ensure their success, we are committed to attracting and retaining the finest educators in Uganda.

One of the significant challenges we face is the geographical distance between our school and the most talented teachers. Many of these educators reside more than 10 hours away from Arua. In order to bring these exceptional teachers to our school and create an environment of excellence, we recognize that providing suitable teacher housing is not just a necessity, but a fundamental component of our mission.

In Uganda, housing is considered standard compensation for educators, and it plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining the most inspirational teachers. When we offer comfortable, secure, homes to our educators, we not only demonstrate our commitment to their well-being but also acknowledge the invaluable contribution they make to our students' lives.

Every dollar you donate helps to bring hope, education and economic opportunity to the staff, children and families of Arua, Uganda. 

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