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You can multiply your impact.

How will you make a difference today?

Donate Your Commission

Suzanne and Sonja sell clothing at home parties with their friend and acquaintances. After every event, they donate a portion of their commission, and thus far have raised over $500 so far!

Cabi Party.jpg
Heart to Heart Check.png

Mark and Liz are realtors who give the commission from the sale of a house to a charity chosen by their clients. Clients Jorge and Linda chose Zozu Project, and Mark and Liz gave over $3,700 to educate children and end the poverty cycle! 

Become a Bead Vendor

Two friends run a thrift store (Ruby Rose in San Luis Obispo) that throws a quarterly flea market. They set aside a booth to sell jewelry handmade by mothers in the Ugandan community, and have raised hundreds of dollars so far! 

Mojo Market.jpg
Arroyo Grande Harvest Fest.jpg

Friends at a local church volunteer to staff the annual booth set up at their community harvest festival. They set aside a table at their booth to sell handmade jewelry. They passed out flyers, raised awareness, and raised over $500!

Check your corporate matching program

Many people just like you have multiplied their impact by taking advantage of their company's matching gifts program. If you wish to do so, you might need some information like our Tax-ID # (which can be found here). Get in touch if you have any questions, and we will be happy to help you.

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