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Invest Globally with a Local Impact.

Church Partners

It would be impossible (or certainly too long) to fully list every person from these communities that has supported and blessed the children of Uganda through their support of us. They have followed the work of the Lord, modeled faithfulness to us, and enabled us to do what we do. We are thankful to each and every one of them.

Templeton Presbyterian Church

templeton pres.png

Paso Market Walk

Corporate Sponsors

The Shawn Team

Rainbow Auto Body


Private Education

Medical Care

Onsite Medical Clinic and Staff


2 meals a day

Clean Water

6 wells serving the community, school and teachers housing

Community Outreach

Social & Emotional Care

4 full-time Social Workers on staff to provide care for students and families

Impact Data

  • 75 Ugandan Staff/Medical Clinic, Rosemary LNP Testing

  • Highest scores in County subregion among State Testing in similar grades


​When you become a corporate sponsor through Zozu Project, your sponsorship funds will go directly to Solid Rock School to help purchase school supplies, food, and medical care. However, we believe a child does not thrive in isolation. They only thrive when their family, school, and community are also thriving. So, in addition to supporting the school and its many resources, Zozu will combine part of your donation with other sponsor money to support development projects within the community. This may include school expansion or building new schools, ensuring clean water and sanitation, providing funds for sustainable businesses, and providing economic opportunities for each
community member.


Our goal is to care individually for each student living in extreme poverty and raise the entire village out of poverty.

For more information, please read our Sponsorship FAQ'S.

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