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Our Commitment.

  • To connect those who want to help with those who need help

  • To use your gift to create the biggest impact possible

  • To effectively communicate that impact back to you

Sponsor a Child
Corporate Sponsorhip
  • How much does a sponsorship cost?
    Sponsorship costs $35 a month, or $420 a year.
  • How is sponsorship money used?
    Your sponsorship funds go directly to your child to pay for school fees at Solid Rock School. They provide school supplies, daily food, and expert medical care. We are committed as an organization to communicate exactly how your sponsorship dollars are used at the end of every year, and if you have any questions, get in touch with Katy Griffin at
  • How can so little money go so far?
    We have independent donors who cover our overhead, so 100% of your sponsorship goes directly to Uganda. Because of the exchange rate, American dollars have great purchasing power. And finally, because our programs are managed by local Ugandans who understand the culture and customs, they are executed efficiently.
  • How long will sponsorship last?
    Your sponsorship will last until your child finishes their education through high school, usually shortly after they turn 18. There are, however, many circumstances that could result in sponsorship ending earlier. If this happens, we will contact you promptly about transferring your sponsorship to another child.
  • What will I receive as a child sponsor?
    Because we want our donors to see the huge impact their generosity has as a child sponsor, you will receive: A school photo of your child and yearly update A child and family profile Our e-newsletter with updates about Zozu Project and Solid Rock Christian School The opportunity to write and receive letters from your child via email. An annual tax receipt that will allow you to claim tax deduction for your donation.
  • Can I write my sponsored child?
    Yes! We encourage our sponsors to write regularly. The Zozu children are growing up in extreme poverty, often causing them to feel unimportant and hopeless. Writing letters to your sponsored student shows them that someone believes in them. If you are a sponsor, see our Letter Writing Guidelines for more information.
  • Can I send a gift to my sponsored child or child’s family?
    Yes, you can send a monetary gift at any time. 50% of the gift will be spent right away according to the family's current needs. A Zozu staff member in Uganda will meet with the child and guardian to decide upon the best use of your gift and assist with the purchase. The other 50% will be put into a savings account for the child and their family. One of the biggest challenges to self-sufficiency is that next to none of these families have savings for future education or emergencies, so excepting emergency circumstances, half of your gift will be added to savings. The recommended gift is between $25 and $100. Challenges with mail delivery and customs prohibit us from mailing packages. Periodically, we have mission teams travel to Uganda who can hand-deliver letters and small items. When trips are going, we will notify you in advance. To give a monetary gift, you may click "Gift To Your Child" under the Donate tab. You may also send a check made out to Zozu Project along with a note specifying it as a child or family gift. Please mail to: Zozu Project PO Box 1635 Templeton, CA 93465
  • How do I sponsor a child?
    You may either click “Sponsor a Child” to sponsor online or contact us by calling (805) 400-3251 and we will assist you. You may also mail a check of $420 for the year to: Zozu Project P.O. Box 1635 Templeton, CA 93465
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