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Sponsor FAQ's, September 2020

Updated: May 24, 2021

As we enter September, Zozu Project staff have developed a rhythm of visiting the children. The social workers are checking in on everyone, and the students are resuming their studies at home. It’s not easy, but considering the circumstances, it’s going well. Here in the US, I [Elsie] and Elaine, have started to receive a torrent of letters from students to their sponsors. This is good news! Channels of communication are open again, and as we send these letters along, we have been hearing some questions often. As of early September, here are some FAQs:

Can I write to my student? How?

You most certainly can write! Please put your letter in a PDF form, and email it to Feel free to include pictures, news of your family, how your children are handling school being closed, etc. Set your expectations, however, that a response may take a while. The staff have to visit the students at home and bring all of the letter-writing supplies with them.

Can I send a physical or financial gift?

Because of high shipping costs, long wait times, and uncertain delivery, we don’t mail physical gifts. These are reserved for when a team visits in person and, as you can imagine, we do not know when that will next be. As soon as sending physical gifts is an option, we will be sure to let you know via email.

Financial gifts, on the other hand, are welcome at this time! You can give online at this page on our website, or send a check to Zozu Project at PO Box 1635, Templeton, CA 93465. Please put “gift for [student’s name]” in the memo line. We suggest something between $25-100. More info can be found here. As with letters, expect a significant wait in hearing back.

How can I best support my student and their family right now?

Continuing your sponsorship, and writing letters to encourage them are the most supportive things you can do. Truly, the value of your monthly contribution cannot be understated! When you made that commitment, you gave them access to all of the services they receive now. Without your help, your student would not be receiving an education at all during this time. Please continue in prayer for them if that is your habit, or begin to pray regularly for their protection and growth in the Lord.

Why have I not heard from my student?

It could be that a letter from your student is on its way to you right now, or that there are circumstances that make it difficult for our staff to reach your student. It is not uncommon for children to be sent to extended family members outside of the district over long school breaks, and some students are difficult to get in touch with. Rest assured, we are doing all that we can to reach them.

What if my student is in Secondary School? What are they doing?

The secondary school students are too far away from their campuses to be receiving educational materials from them directly, but Solid Rock teachers have stepped in. Your sponsorship has purchased workbooks for all 10 core high school subjects for them, and the elementary teachers are including them in their visits. Their education is continuing, and it’s your sponsorship that makes it possible.

Is the country opening their economy again?

In Uganda, everything is open (with restrictions) save schools and churches. The parents have therefore been able to return to work, and the food distributions are no longer continuing. The international airport remains closed to all travel that is not native Ugandans returning home.

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with Elaine at or Elsie at Also, if you are not yet on our email list please get in touch with Elsie to sign up. On behalf of the children, thank you.

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