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First, why write?

The children served through Zozu Project are often growing up in not just material poverty, but relationalpoverty. Mothers or fathers frequently abandon children after a marital split, and many of the children's caretakers are not their parents but aunts or friends. With many home chores and households of up to 12 children, one-on-one encouragement is rare for these children. Your letters can remind them that they are valuable, unique, and loved, as well as give them a chance to practice their English and writing skills! 

How often should I write?

Children are a varied as their sponsors– some like writing a ton, some not so much. We recommend that you write at minimum once a year. 

Ideas for what to write about:

• Details about your daily life - what you do for work, what you eat, any pets you own

• A favorite Bible verse or quote from another book

• Stories about the children in your life

• Reminders that they are valuable and loved

• Draw them a picture! 

• Ask them what they have learned in a specific subject recently 

• Ask them to draw a picture of something they wrote about in their last letter

• Ask them what they do for holidays or celebrations

• Ask them what they eat or if they have any animals

Please Do:

• Include the name and school number (if you have it) of your sponsored student on the envelope or PDF

• Send photos of yourself and your family!

• Send pictures of their photo in your home

• Send letters in PDF form if being sent digitally

Please Don't:

• Write in cursive. It's not used in Uganda, and the children have trouble reading it.

• Reference or send photos of your house, car, or other items that would highlight the vast economic gap. 

• Include your contact information (address, phone, email, Facebook, etc.)

• Enclose American currency in a physical letter

How do I send my letter?

The most efficient way to send a letter is to email it to us at  Alternatively, you can mail your letter to Zozu Project, P.O. Box 1635, Templeton, CA 93465, and it will be taken with the next person who visits the school.

When will my sponsored child receive my letter, and when will I hear back?

Please be aware there can be long delays in delivering and receiving letters. Wifi is not always reliable for emailed letters. Some children will be able to write back on their own, while others will need assistance. Given that, it is our goal to have a reply to you within a month of receiving it. 

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